Everything You Need To Know About Dryer Balls

“What do dryer balls actually do?” is a question I hear daily. Well, the answer is pretty long-winded! Are you ready?

When you use three to four dryer balls--sorry, one ball won't do it--they bounce in between the wet layers of clothes that would otherwise stick together. This separation of layers allows warm air to penetrate the fabric, drying it faster. This bouncing action also removes static from your clothes.

At the same time, the balls are absorbing moisture, speeding up the drying process again. The dryer balls then release that moisture in the form of steam, softening and fluffing your clothes. They act as dryer sheets and fabric softener all in one!

A year of using dryer balls can save you over $100 on your electric bill! Crazy that a few balls of wool can make such a difference, and your savings don't end here.

Each ball can be used 1,000 times! At 3 loads a week, your dryer balls will be with you for over 6 years. If you're saving $100 on your electric bill each year that means this $24 purchase will save you $576 over their lifetime. Need I say more? 


Are your new dryer balls leaving your clothes full of static? Shorten your dry time! The average load of laundry takes 60 minutes but with 3-4 dryer balls your load may only need 45 minutes. When your clothes continue spinning after they're dry they will create static. Make sure you turn your dry time down when using your dryer balls. 

Care Instructions

Keep them out of the washer and away from your pets. The two destroyers of dryer balls are the washing machine and excited dogs. 

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