Fighting Climate Change One Wipe At A Time

Did you know using bamboo toilet paper helps us fight climate change? Seriously, let me walk you through it.

Ethical Consumer magazine found that major brands were using less recycled paper in 2019 than in 2011. Instead, these companies are opting for virgin paper, aka cutting down trees. And do you think they’re doing it sustainably?

NRDC reports that 15% of deforestation is for the production of toilet paper. Specifically, NRDC has sited that a million acres of Canadian boreal forest gets clear-cut every year, largely to produce American toilet paper (that’s us, you guys).

As we cut down large, old growth forests we are removing carbon sinks (areas that capture and hold carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere) which are a huge factor in helping us fight climate change!

By skipping the virgin paper for bamboo, which grows quickly and with very little intervention, you (and your butt) are fighting climate change!






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