Packaging is Pointless

How To Refill With With Green Life Trading Co. 

Running low on products you use every day typically means you’re thinking of grabbing another the next time you run to the store. It gets put on the grocery list….too often. Have you considered the alternative? Did you know there was one?

There is! How would you feel if you could refill those products AND save a few bucks? We’re not just talking about the environment, we’re talking dollar savings too.

Let me tell you how it works. For your first order, we recommend grabbing your favorite product in one of our glass or aluminum containers. Once you start running low its time to order your first refill!

If you’re refilling powders or pods we send them to you in recycled and recyclable or compostable paper bags. You can even subscribe to the products you know you'll want more of! Just select “Subscribe” and pick how often you want it delivered. Don’t worry, this doesn’t lock you into your next purchase. It will send you an invoice when that time comes with an extra special discount just for subscribing. It’s that simple!

Since you’re not buying the container again you're saving money each time you refill and since we’re not shipping heavy glass you’re reducing your climate change footprint as well. Double win.

Its time to stop wasting money on containers you already own!

Let’s talk Refill Pouches: If you need a liquid refill we’ll send it to you in a refillable pouch that we use time and time again. Alongside that pouch, we’ll send you a prepaid mailer. Once your pouch is empty you’ll mail it back so we can clean it and use it for the next awesome person. If you select Local Delivery or Curbside Pickup at checkout, we’ll give you a paper bag instead of the prepaid mailer. When your pouch is empty, return the refill pouch in that same paper bag during store hours or via door mail slot anytime. Once we get your pouch back you get a $1 refund since you didn’t use a mailer.

Wonder what else you can do to be kinder to the world and your wallet? Aluminum bottles with their tops can be returned in store for a $2 refund! We appreciate them clean and dry. Thanks in advance!

Get this. If you return glass jars/bottle in-store with their tops we’ll award you with a $3 return. Of course, we like them clean and dry. You’re the best!

Are you ready to ditch the pointless packaging?

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