The Goods, The Box, and Why It’s Ugly

In these days of online ordering, many companies use slick-looking packaging as a way to elevate the customer experience. Unfortunately, this type of marketing is extremely costly to the environment. The boxes use unnecessary cardboard, and plastic packing peanuts are used for aesthetic reasons only. These materials are typically only used once then go directly in the trash.

We are dedicated to offering products that help you lead a low waste life, and the way we get these products to you is just as important to meeting this goal as the products themselves. Every part of the delivery process is important to us. You shouldn’t have to worry if you live too far from the shop or don’t have time to schedule curbside pick up, because we do not create extra waste in our shipping process. Here’s how…

Our Boxes

If you’ve ordered from us before you may have noticed that our boxes are not, let’s say, the prettiest. The main reason why our products aren’t delivered in pretty boxes? They’re reused! Every box is reused from shipments we get from our vendors or donated by friends and family. This means the package might have plastic stickers or tape leftover from when we received it.

However, the tape we use is plant-based and water-activated, making it compostable and recyclable.

More delicate orders are boxed with post-consumer and recyclable paper for extra protection.

If you receive a package filled with packing peanuts, don’t fret! Just dissolve them in water, their corn! You can also look forward to seeing a note written on paper made from the excess cardboard we receive from our own shipments.

Our Shipping Labels

The label itself is made of 100% post-consumer content and the adhesive is recyclable as well. The label comes on a release liner that is also 100% recycled and curbside recyclable. We know, it sounds too good to be true, but trust us, it's true! Sometimes we even reuse these release liners to wrap our naked soaps in. Double win!

Our Mailers and Refill Pouches

Our bulk liquid refills are sent in plastic refillable pouches that we use about 10 times before they are ready to be recycled. When you order a refill pouch we also send you a mailer to return the pouch in. These mailers are made from 100% recycled content and the dual adhesive strip makes them reusable. After the mailers are unable to be reused, they are also recycled.


To combat the carbon emissions from delivery, we’ve partnered with to offset the impact of shipping, making us functionally carbon neutral.

Whether you are a frequent customer or first-time buyer, look forward to your products coming in an ugly box. Rest easy knowing the folks you just bought from care more about the environment than impressive looking packaging.

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