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Vendor Spotlight: Bestowed Essentials

Welcome to the first installment of our new Vendor Spotlight Series! We’re kicking this blog series off with Bestowed Essentials, the makers of your favorite Vegan Bar Soap, you know, the ones you get to cut yourself! Bestowed Essentials also makes our Herbal Face Toner and Clay Face Mask.


We knew Bestowed Essentials was a great fit in our little shop because we share their mission to make the zero waste lifestyle more affordable and accessible to everyone. Let me say it louder for the folks in the back, the zero waste movement will only be a moment if we don’t have companies like Bestowed Essentials making it accessible.


Callee Ackland, the owner of Bestowed Essentials, South Dakota's largest soap making operation, started hand-making soap as a hobby while on active duty in the U.S. Navy.


“I found it incredibly therapeutic. Soap making is this brilliant combination of art and science. I fell in love with the process.” She started by giving her friends and family the soap she made. When one of her friends suggested she start selling her products, she opened an Etsy store and set up booths at local farmers' markets. Later she took the business on the road and continued making soap in her van while she traveled across the U.S. before settling down in Rapid City, South Dakota.


All Bestowed Essentials products are vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, and handmade by an all-female team right in South Dakota. Earlier this year, Callee and her team opened the first zero-waste store in the state of South Dakota, Hippie Haven Shop.


“We try to be as waste-free as possible,” Callee says. “We make about 10 pounds of trash a month. We buy wind energy offsets for 100% of our production, our products come in plastic-free packaging, and we have bulk refill options.”


Like our team here at Green Life Trading Co. Callee has a mission-based business model. “I want to show others that a business model like mine can work. You can own an ethical business and still make money.” Callee says. She hopes to make a difference and inspire others to create change in their own communities. “It is my personal life mission to empower people with the knowledge and the resources they need to spark positive change in their communities,” Callee said. “Everything that we do is trying to accomplish that.”

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