Why You Need a Safety Razor

My first experience with a safety razor was not a good one. I didn't read the directions or do an ounce of research, my results were as you would imagine. Blood. A lot of blood. I put the razor down and didn't pick it up again.

Months later, I noticed the razor had moved from the shelf in the shower to the corner of our pedestal sink. I didn't think anything of it until my husband mentioned that he had used it. He was thrilled by the results and the price. His raving review prompted me to give it another go, this time I read the instructions.

Three years and hundreds of shaves later I am here to tell you, safety razors are amazing! And here's why...

Reduce Your Waste

It is estimated that over two billion disposable razors are thrown away each year, ending up in landfills and waterways where, at their best, spend 1,000 years breaking down into smaller pieces of plastic and at their worst, end up in the stomachs of fish, birds and other wildlife that mistake plastic bits for food.

Razor manufacturing is a fossil fuel heavy process. Since low-cost manufacturing plants are located everywhere,—Germany, Sweden, and China, just to name a few—container-loads of razor parts have to be flown and sailed across the globe before being assembled and packaged. Before being shipped to the retailer, razors have already gone on a fuel-heavy worldwide tour.

Plastic injection molding—the manufacturing process used to make cartridges, razor handles and carriers for the lubricating strips—is an energy-intensive process. Large amounts of energy is used to melt, inject and pressurize the resin, open and close the mold, and pump water for cooling.

Between their harmful end of life and fossil fuel heavy manufacturing and transport, disposable razors and cartridges create a lot of waste. Post manufacturing, the only waste from a safety razor is the stainless steel, recyclable blade.

Saves You Money

One of the big reasons I was drawn to a safety razor was the cost savings. I used to spend $20-$25 on an 8-pack of replacement blades, that’s $2.50 per blade! Now, I spend .33 cents per blade. Depending on use and care, blades can last up to 10 uses. If you replace your blade every 2 weeks, like we do, you are spending $8.58 a year on blades!

Remember, double-edged blades have two edges, so use both.

A Better Shave

The multi-blade razors on the market cause razor burn and skin irritation due to the many blades pulling the skin in different directions. A single blade is more gentle, eliminating irritation and leaving skin feeling healthy and clean. I've heard a lot of people say safety razors give a closer shave but if I’m being completely honest, I haven't noticed a difference. But hey, that’s just one woman's opinion.


Investing in a safety razor will reduce your waste—household and fossil fuel—while saving you hundreds of dollars a year. If you’re not totally confident in your safety razor ability, stay tuned for our next post on how to use a safety razor.

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