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These deeply moisturizing hand and body lotion bars are will have your skin feeling hydrated but never greasy. To use, warm the bar between your hands to melt the outside and massage the bar all over your body. Great for after bathing or shaving. Choose between organic Mint Matcha Green Tea or the delicate Cacao Rose scent.

Approximately 3 oz bar.

Mint Matcha: Ingredients: beeswax,*∞ shea,* extra virgin coconut* and sunflower* oils, matcha green tea,* unrefined vitamin e oil, peppermint, and bergamot essential oils.* *organic ∞local

Cacao Rose: Ingredients: beeswax,*^ cocoa butter,* roses* and alkanet root* infused into extra virgin coconut* and sunflower* oils, unrefined non-GMO vitamin e oil, geranium essential oil.* *organic ^local

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brittney Kruchten
I want to love it more than I do

I love the concept of this and really wanted to love it in use. But overall, I find it hard to melt/spread across my whole body. It just turns into a little too long of a production, so I am back to the cream version for now.

Very skeptical, very pleased!

"A hard bar of lotion? What?" I bought it along with a variety of no-plastic products to be supportive of my partner's goals. Much to my surprise and delight, this bar lotion is pretty awesome. My daughter loves it, and at 6 it's pretty much the only lotion she can be trusted alone with. I rub the bar directly on my skin - arms, legs, belly, back of hands - then finished by setting down the bar and rubbing in what's left in my hands. The minty freshness of the mint matcha bar is wonderful, without any of the grassy undertones I was afraid of. Who knew bar lotion was a thing? And a friggin' awesome thing at that?

Bri M.
Nice for hands

I do like this bar for my hands, but it’s a bit hard to melt/spread across your whole body.

Lillian Hislop
Good product. Getting used to it

Much thicker than liquid lotion, which makes sense. Harder to apply, kind of pastes my hair down. It's a learning curve certainly. Feel like it effectively moisturizes and nice cozy scent

Moisturizing & luxurious

This is my first time using a lotion bar & it feels so nice & luxurious. It soaks into my skin within minutes, and ive been scrunching it into the ends of my hair too with great results. I wasn't sure if mint matcha fragrance was going to be my thing, but I really like it!