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Concentrated Cleaning Vinegar

Concentrated Cleaning Vinegar

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When it comes to cleaning, vinegar is your best friend. Great for everyday cleaning, gardening, and laundry, vinegar eliminates mildew, rust and so much more. We offer a certified organic 20% Concentrated Vinegar.

Our 20% vinegar is much more powerful than standard vinegar, so remember to dilute it accordingly for the task at hand.

  • Regular Cleaning-Mix - 1 Part Vinegar to 3 Parts Water. 
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning - 1 Part Vinegar to 1 Part Water. 

End of Life

Use up the product. Refill or return the pouch for reuse


Bulk Price: $.22/ounce + Container

In-store: Fill yourself, option to bring your own container

Online: Refills are packaged in returnable pouches

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael P Perez
Too Low Volume

The product itself is as advertised, but far too little a quantity.

Hey Michael!

We're sorry you were not happy with the quantity you received in your 8oz Refill Pouch of our Concentrated Cleaning Vinegar. This is a concentrated product and should be diluted 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. We also offer this product in 16oz Refill Pouches if you're looking for a higher quantity.

Jessica Riphenburg
works like a charm!

We use a lot of vinegar for cleaning, so I love that I can refill my own jug. Also- YAY for a non-petroleum based product!

Great for cleaning

We use vinegar for a lot of our cleaning. It's nice to finally have a source where we aren't wasting plastic.