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Soap Saver
Soap Saver

Soap Saver

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Stop wasting those pesky soap ends with this soap saving bag. This medium-soft fiber woven bag is suitable for daily exfoliation while extending the life of your bars. This bag is vegan, made of agave fiber. 

How To Use

Place the itty-bitty soap pieces or a full-sized bar and wash away. The bag will gently exfoliate your skin while lathering the soap. 

Material + Storage Instructions 

Agave is a plant native to the southern Americas and is grown for a variety of uses including ropes, mats, rugs, even tequila, and mezcal. 

Keep dry between uses. Wash regularly in machine, tumble dry low.

Made By

Earth & Daughter, Texas

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Eric W Burtz
Soap Saver Saves Soap, Scrubs Skin, Swings Seductively

Great exfoliating action for the whole body. Robust, durable fibers. Maybe a bit scratchy for the face, but excellent overall. Roomy enough to hold any size soap bar, and the cinching cord lets it hang out of the way to dry.

Piper H Bacskai
Shampoo bar

Love it. The lather is enough to wash my hair and body.

Caitlin Quillen
I love this Soap Saver aka tiny purse for my soap.

I saw this soap saver while shopping for something else and instantly was intrigued. I've been using it for a few weeks and I am obsessed. I used to only use luffas because I love the lathering and light scrub-feeling, but this Soap Saver does the same thing and is not creating more trash. Highly recommend ditching the washcloths, luffas, or plastic and using this instead!

Lexi O
Great product

I love this, I wasn't totally sure how it worked when I purchased, I really just wanted something to keep my soap in, but when I realized it's also useful for exfoliating I loved it even more. Only grievance is just how the drawstring is kind of annoying when I use it, but that's a very small complaint and I still would recommend this product wholeheartedly.

Kaitlin Daly

This is so convenient! I share a shower with four other people. All our various toiletries are spread out across the floor with a few jammed in the one hanging caddy. Finding a good way to store my bar soap seemed impossible until I got this product. Now it hangs on its own hook, completely out of the way, where the soap can properly dry. Apart from storage, the soap saver is very nice for washing as well! It works up a very nice lather without using up too much soap and exfoliates very gently. Such a fantastic product!!!