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Refill FAQ

 How to Purchase + Refill Bulk Products Online

Solid and powder bulk products come in either a glass container or a post-consumer recyclable or compostable paper bag. You can purchase any of our liquid bulk products in a container or a refill pouch.  For liquid refills choose between a glass bottle, an aluminum bottle or a refill pouch. 

If you select a glass or aluminum container we recommend you keep it and continuously refill it till the cows come home. If the cows eventually do come home, we accept in-store refunds; $2 for glass and aluminum.    

If you select a refill pouch, a prepaid envelope will be in your order. Please return the pouch once emptied so we can sanitize and use it for the next amazing person!

If you select Curbside Pickup or Local Delivery at checkout, your refill pouch will be accompanied by a paper bag for you to return the pouches in. Please return your emptied refill pouches to the store via our door mail slot. Once your pouches have been returned you will receive a $1 refund.

 Container Take Back

 In Store
Glass container for $2 refund
Refill pouch
Aluminum container for a $2 refund
Refill pouch for a $1 refund