Farewell My Friends in Sustainability

Change is inevitable, the seasons change, our climate is changing, even families change over time. I have found myself in a changing pattern for a few years now. Very long story short, I want to talk to all of you about the recent change in my life that has brought me nothing but joy and new friendships.

After a little sabbatical from 28 years in healthcare I decided to get a part time job while going back to school at The Aveda Institute. Where can a Middle Aged woman with tons of experience as a one trick pony find such a job? Well, the prospects were fairly grim as I searched my options. I played a little game of “Could  I work here?” As I went into any business in Madison. Most places were a hard NO, I could not work here!

Then I saw the banner on the Green Life Trading Co. Website looking for part time folks. Hey, I could work there no problem. All of the boxes were checked for me.  

  • A short walk to work
  • Beautiful space
  • The smell of the store is intoxicating
  • A business model that is 100% about caring for our planet
  • Friendly staff
  • Employee discounts
  • Cool customers that I could geek out with on the subject of laundry detergent!

After meeting with Sasha (the owner), I was convinced that I belonged there. The feeling of impending doom while getting ready for work had disappeared and was replaced by excitement and happy feelings. After nine months I still get excited to open the store and see what new products have arrived.

I am now wrapping up my time at Aveda and need to move on to a new project. I’m very sad that I can’t stay with my friends at GLTC. I will take with me many new habits and lessons I’ve learned about sustainability and clean living. I had no idea how much I had to learn. I now find myself sharing my smart tips with everyone I know. Little changes add up

If you are looking for a change like I was, I must encourage you to apply.

Farewell my friends in sustainability.

Christie M

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Hanna Kohn

Hanna Kohn is the Operations Manager & Marketing Coordinator with Green Life Trading Co. where she has been educating and connecting individuals and small businesses with sustainable products and solutions since 2021. She holds a degree in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a Sustain Dane Master Recycler and Water Steward. When she's not at the shop, Hanna volunteers at WVMO 98.7 FM - Monona's Community Radio Station where she hosts Playhouse, a weekly broadcast of music including contemporary electronic, synth pop and jazz. Connect with Hanna via email: hanna@greenlifetradingco.com