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It's Bike Season Baby

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Hibernation Is Ending

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The Summer Collection


Father's Day Favorites

Fire Starter

Slay wet campfire wood and fire up charcoal barbecues or fireplaces.
Made from leftover reusable food wraps, every shred is given its fullest zero-waste life. Lightweight, water-resistant and burns chemical free.


Counter Top Composter

Most bamboo fiber products contain a plastic-based resin to bind the bamboo, that means, even if the material breaks down it is not suitable for compost. This bamboo compost bin is 100% plastic-free, meaning when you're done using it, it will break down in 2 years and can be used as compost. 


Safety Razor

Up your shaving game with this razor featuring a butterfly head for simple blade changing and 5 stainless steel double-edged blades. Great for all shaving needs, legs, face, pits--you name it.


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