Paid Services


Compost Drop Off

Divert your food and plant based waste from the landfill so your waste becomes soil, not methane. Our easy, clean and affordable bucket swap system makes composting a breeze.

Every other Tuesday, members drop off full Green Boxes at Green Life Trading Co. in exchange for a clean one. While you're at it, enjoy 10% off at Green Life Trading Co.

Paid Service

Knit Repair

Have moths snacked on your sweaters? Have Wisconsin winters worn holes in your favorite socks?

Simply drop your item/s off at Green Life Trading Co., fill out a quick intake form and your items are on their way to being hand mended!

Free Services

Complimentary Product Composting

Has your bottle brush seen better days?

Drop your ready to compost goods in our shop Green Box. This is a complimentary service for Green Life products only, no banana peels aloud.

Please prepare the product for composting by removing any non compostable parts.

Take a bag leave a bag

Take a bag when you need one, donate a bag when you can, no one is keeping track.

Bring your clean, gently used, reusable shopping bag donations to the sales counter.

*Bags designed for single use are not eligible.

Container Donations

Keep your glass and metal containers out of the waste stream and in our community by donating them. These containers are sanitized and made available fore free, for in store filling!

To keep this program running smoothly, please follow our donation guidelines below.

What We Take

Glass and metal containers of any size

Must have a secure lid

No pump, spray or dropper tops

Limit 10 containers per trip


No labels or sticky residue (screen printed labels are acceptable)

No smell or moisture on the inside

No smell on the cap

Drop off

In store drop off, during store hours

Bring donations to the sales counter

If containers do not fit our guidelines they will be returned or recycled