• Complimentary Product Composting

    Through our partnership with Green Box Compost, customers can return products purchased at Green Life Trading Co. to any store location for complimentary composting services. Please follow the End of Life guidelines on each product page to ensure that materials meet our guidelines and are ready to be composted. 

  • Exclusive Compost Membership

    Divert your food and plant based waste from the landfill so your waste becomes soil - not methane. This easy, clean and affordable program is available at both Green Life Trading Co. locations. Enjoy discounted Green Life products when you sign up for this exclusive service.

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Prepare Products For Composting

Compost Quick Guide

Single Material Products

A Single Material Product is the same throughout and is easily compostable. Examples of Single Material Product are Swedish Dishcloths and Beeswax Wraps.

At Home Compost: cut or break product down into one inch pieces to ensure the material will break down. 

Green Box Compost: If the product does not fit in your Green Box bucket cut or break it down to ensure safe delivery. 

Not sure if a product is compostable? Visit the product page for more details about the materials and end of life recommendations. 

Mixed Material Products

A Mixed Material Product has more than one component. Since not all of the components will be compostable, these products need to be prepared before sending to Green Box or your backyard composter. 

Disassemble the product and separate each component. Generally, plant based materials can be composted, metals can be recycled with your small metal recycling and remaining components may need to head to the landfill. Examples of Mix Material Products include Bamboo Toothbrushes and Pot Brushes. 

Visit the product page for more details about disassembling specific products and end of life recommendations.


Most of the Packaging you'll find at Green Life Trading Co. is paper, cardboard or a compostable film. For more information on packaging visit the product page for details.

Is it Compostable?

Not sure if a product is compostable? Visit the product page for details about the materials, packaging and end of life recommendations.

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    Did you know that the Dane County Landfill has less than ten years of useable space left? The Recyclopedia is a guidebook that explains the rules and services provided by the Streets Division, including guidelines to ensure you are recycling right.