Shipping FAQ

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When can I expect my order?

Shipments can take up to 8 business days but generally dispatch within 3 days from purchase.

Madison Only:

Bike Delivery is available for residents within the Isthmus. Orders are delivered within 4 business days but can take up to 8 depending on weather conditons. For bike delivery, simply select Local Delivery at checkout and we will determine whether your home is safe to bike to. If we do not have safe biking access to your home we will deliver your order by car.

Local delivery by car is available for residents within 5 miles of the shop. Orders are delivered within 4 business days but can take up to 8 depending on weather conditons. To determine if you are within the delivery range simply enter your address at checkout. If Local Delivery appears in the Delivery option, you are within range!

What does low waste shipping mean?

Check out our Shipping & Sustainability page where we go in depth about our emissions and reuse practices as well as the compostability and recyclability of our shipping materials.

What are carbon offsets?

Carbon Offsetting refers to the reduction or removal of green house gases through carbon sequestration and renewable energy to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere. Whoah, that was pretty high level, let’s break it down a bit. 

Carbon sequestration: All over the globe carbon sinks are pulling carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it. In other words, these areas keep carbon out of the atmosphere which helps slow climate change. The worlds largest carbon sinks are the ocean, forests, and soil. In fact, the plants and soil in your garden are mini carbon sinks! By financially supporting land restoration, tree planting and kelp forest projects, we are neutralizing the carbon that went into the atmosphere from shipping your order.  

Energy: Another way to offset emissions is to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Projects like truck electrification and gas-to-energy reduce the amount of carbon entering the atmosphere as we continue to use fossil fuels. Renewable energy, like solar and wind, are long term solutions to end our reliance on fossil fuels. By financially supporting renewable energy farms and waste energy recovery projects we are neutralizing the carbon that goes into the atmosphere from shipping your order.  

Can I give you my extra packing materials?

Thank you for offering your extra boxes and packing material, but we have quite enough from our shipments.

A great way to offload your packing materials is to post it on Facebook Marketplace or in your local Buy Nothing. If you have the space, we recomend saving it for the holidays or moving season (August 15th in Madison).

What's the deal with these packing peanuts?

Our compostable packing peanuts come to us from several vendors but most come from our friends at Little Seed Farm. These peanuts are made of sorghum, are compostable and dissolve in water!

Refill FAQ

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What's the deal with the plastic pouches?

We are not categorically anti-plastic. That would be silly, plastic—in the right application—is an incredible material! We are anti single-use plastics when desigend for the rituals we do daily! 

Our soft, yet sturdy, refill pouches use 93% less plastic than your traditional plastic bottle. Since you’re sending them back to us—free of charge—we’re using them time and time again. 

Light weight and malleable enough to flatten, our pouches are shipped a in small envelope, helping us reduce carbon emissions. This is the most environmentally friendly way to ship liquids. 

Why do you not ship refills in glass jars?

We love an old peanut butter jar for in store filling but we don’t ship our refills in glass for two reasons.

Firstly, its heavy! Shipping accounts for nearly 3% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. While we do offset our shipping emissions, the smaller and lighter we can make our packages the better they are for the environment.

Secondly, glass is breakable and we don’t want to ruin a mailperson's day. 

Do I need to return the pouch right away?

No need to rush the return. You can even keep a pouch or two under the sink as your personal at home refill station! But please, return your pouch eventually so we can use it again! 

Do I need to clean the pouch before returning it?

You do not need to deep clean your pouch before returning it but our team does appreciate a quick rinse. 

What is the proper way to dispose of the paper refill bags?

Our paper refill bags are compostable and recyclable, just be sure to remove the metal tin tie.