Mend Your Sweaters, Socks & More!

Knit Repair

Have moths snacked on your sweaters? Have Wisconsin winters worn holes in your favorite socks? Simply drop your items off at Green Life Trading Co., fill out a quick intake form and your items are on their way to being hand mended!

Meet the mender


Emma has been mending knits around Madison since 2022 and cannot wait to help you repair your old but loved knits! Her speciality is figuring out the best way to approach each mend and making damaged items usable again!


Emma can mend pretty much any knit or crocheted item, whether it was hand or machine made as well as woven blankets.

If you have a different type of item that you would like mended by hand--rather than with a sewing machine--please consult with Emma at before dropping off the item.

On your intake form you will specify whether you would like a less noticeable mend, or a decorative mend. For less noticeable mends, materials and techniques will be chosen to match the damaged item as well as possible.

Scroll down to 'Examples of Mends' for examples.

The rate for mending is $35/hour, with an $8.75 (quarter hour) minimum.

Most small repairs can be done for $8.75-$17.50, and most medium to large repairs for under $35. When you drop off your item(s), you can identify your maximum budget for the repair. If you would like an estimate for your specific repair, you can request that on the intake form and Emma will email you before starting your mend.

Smaller mends should be complete within one to two weeks, longer mends within four weeks. If you need an item by a specific date, please note the date on your intake form and Emma will email you to confirm the mend will be complete by that date.

Amazing! Grab your clean knits and bring them to Green Life Trading Co. Upon arrival you will fill out an intake form and mark the damaged area(s) with provided stitch markers. Pass your items off to a Sales Associate and Emma will follow up with you and let you know when your item is ready to be picked up! You will pay upon pick up and enjoy 10% off your Green Life Trading Co. purchase.

Examples of Decorative Mends

Examples of Less Noticeable Mends

Before & After