Shipping & Sustainability

Carbon Offsets

The waste we create isn't always as visible as a single use plastic bottle, that's why we've partnered with two programs to offset our shipping emissions. When you place your order, Shopify Planet automatically calculates your shipping emissions, and ensures high-quality carbon removal to neutralize your shipping footprint. Through our partnership with Carbon Fund, we offset the carbon emissions it takes for our products and supplies to get to us through funding energy efficiency, forestry and renewable energy projects. 


Click here to learn more about carbon offsets. 


Boxes & Filler 

You haven’t seen true delight until you’ve seen the Green Life Team receive a shipment packed in quality, reusable boxes! Since day one, as part of our mission to operate low-waste, we've avoided purchasing a single box or filler material. As quickly as boxes arrive to the shop via our orders and supplies, they go back out the door to you, our amazing, earth minded community. Are you ready for the sustainable cherry on top? Many of our vendors reuse boxes to ship our orders, that means boxes have been used more than twice before even making it to your door!

The same is true for our filler, whether you receive packing paper or compostable peanuts, all of our filler is coming to us, second, sometimes even thirdhand. 

Before you ask; thank you for offering your extra boxes and packing material, but we have quite enough. In fact, give us a call around moving time, we can probably supply you with boxes and packing materials.  


This is where things get a little sticky. Not in terms of sustainability, we would never compromise mother earth! We pack orders with two types of tape, Washi and Packing Tape. Both are printed with soy-based ink and are home compostable and curbside recyclable.

Washi Tape

Our Washi Tape is made from rice paper and printed with soy-based ink and a water based coating. The tape is both home and commercially compostable after use, breaking down fully within 180 days. Alternatively, it can also be curb-side recycled after use.

Packing Tape

Our Packing Tape is made from 100% recycled paper that's certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC). Printed with soy-based ink and a non-toxic water-activated adhesive, this tape is both home and commercially compostable and can be curb-side recycled after use.