Packaging + Recycling

The Low Waste philosophy is based on the idea of preventing waste from entering landfills, oceans, and other environments where it can harm humans or disrupt ecosystems. At Green Life Trading Co. we know that our waste isn't always physical, that's why we have partnered with Carbon Fund.  But when it comes to our physical waste, we keep it to a minimum.


Green Life Trading Co. ships almost all of our products without using plastic. Our boxes are post-consumer usually coming from our vendors, friends and family. We say we are “almost plastic free” because many of the boxes we receive already have plastic stickers and tape on them. If we did not use these boxes they would otherwise be recycled or thrown away.

For delicate orders, we pad our boxes with post-consumer and recyclable paper packing material. Boxes are sealed with a non-reinforced paper tape. This tape uses a plant-based glue and is water activated, meaning it’s also recyclable and compostable.

When you receive a box from us, please continue its life and use it again. 

Refill Pouch Program

Although our Refill Pouch Program utilizes plastic, we do it in the most sustainable way possible.

Our prepaid shipping labels are 100% zero waste. They're made of post-consumer paper that is 100% curbside recyclable. That includes the adhesive and the release liner (aka the waxy paper that the stickers come on).

Our return envelopes are 100% recycled and recyclable plastic #4. That means once they've been used to death (they are designed to be used multiple times), we recycle them! Lastly, our refill pouches can be reused over 10 times and they are also recyclable.


sustainable packaging