How It Works

Select Your Box


We offer two bimonthly subscription boxes, Hair + Body and Home. Each box gives you a taste of our favorite products customized to fit your lifestyle. Each box also comes with a super special seasonal surprise!


Our quarterly replenish box means no more running out of your most needed Hair + Body or Home products. You first receive the introduction box which contains refillable vessels for you to keep. After that, boxes will contain larger quantities of these same products to replenish your stock. Liquid products will come in refill pouches accompanied by prepaid mailers so you can return them to the shop to be reused. Each box also comes with a super special seasonal surprise!

Build Your Own

Do you already know what products you love and how often you need them? Then our Build Your Own box is the option for you! Go to your favorite product page and select "Subscribe and Delivery every XX Month". Just select how often you want the subscription to occur and save each time you refill! 


You may notice that we do not bundle the shipping cost into the box. That was done intentionally. This means you can select Local Delivery or Curbside Pickup if you're local! Of course, if you do select shipping, you can expect it to be zero waste as usual!


Subscription boxes will arrive every two months, Replenish boxes ever three months and Build Your Own will arrive on the schedule you select. Prior to the arrival of each box, you will receive a payment link, that is, we will not automatically charge you. If you're ready for your next box, follow the link and pay, to skip your box, simply ignore the email.

Pro tip: to make checkout faster, create an account and save your payment information!