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Bamboo Brow & Mascara Brush

Bamboo Brow & Mascara Brush

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This eco-friendly bamboo makeup tool is perfect for applying brow wax or mascara.

For Brow Wax listing, click here.

How To

Use either brush head to gather your makeup product and apply to desired area.

Brush heads can be cleaned with mild soap and water.


Made of Bamboo and Nylon with metal clip.

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  • Where

    Green Box Compostable
    At Home Compostable

  • How

    With proper use and care, this product can last a lifetime.

    At the end of life, nylon brush fibers can be removed and sent to the landfill.

    The metal clip can be recycled with your small metals recycling by collecting in a secure metal container like a blade safe or can. When full, secure container so no items can fall out, and recycle.

    Bamboo handle can be tossed into your Green Box or at home compost. For faster results, break wood into smaller pieces.

  • End of Life

    We want to ensure that you feel confident about what to do with our products if or when they reach obsolescence.

    End of Life Guide 
  • Green Box Compost

    No compost? No Problem.

    Green Box Compost 

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