Beeswraps Waxing Tiles

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These totally cute set of six Beeswraps Waxing Tiles are made in Milwaukee, WI and are perfect for re-waxing old beeswraps or creating your own beeswax wrap.

Re-waxing is often needed after 9-12 months of use and can bring your wraps back to life.

Use 3 pieces to re-wax a large wax wrap, 2 pieces to re-wax a medium wax wrap and 1 piece to re-wax a small wax wrap.

Place wax wrap and wax tile(s) between parchment paper on an ironing board, or iron-safe surface. Using an iron, melt the wax and spread it around the wrap taking care not to get wax on the iron or ironing board. Let wrap cool slightly, while it is still warm, remove from parchment. While holding 2 corners wave wrap in the air until cool.


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