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Little Seed Farm

Deodorant Cream

Deodorant Cream

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Smell great and avoid plastic deodorant sticks with these organic deodorant creams. Choose between Activated Charcoal, Lavender, Grapefruit Lemon, Jasmine Green Tea, Rosemary Patchouli, Coconut and Unscented. 

Handmade on a solar-powered farm in Tennessee with organic ingredients.

How To

Use your fingertips or a wood applicator and rub a pea-sized amount of deodorant onto clean armpits.

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Packaging Options

This product comes in a reusable or recyclable glass container.


Organic Arrowroot Powder*, Food Grade Magnesium Hydroxide, Organic Coconut Oil*, Organic Jojoba Oil*, Organic Beeswax*, Organic Vegetable Glycerine* (non-GMO & Kosher), Organic Essential Oils* (see below for individual scent blends).


Activated Charcoal scent: Organic Spearmint Essential Oil*, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil*, Organic Geranium Essential Oil*, Activated Charcoal Powder

Coconut scent: Coconut Fruit Extract

Grapefruit Lemon scent: Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil*, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil*, Organic Lemon Essential Oil*, Organic Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil*

Jasmine Green Tea scent: Jasmine Oil, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Activated Charcoal Powder

Lavender scent: Organic Lavender Essential Oil*, Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil*

Rosemary Patchouli scent: Organic Rosemary Essential Oil*, Organic Patchouli Essential Oil*

Cedar Vanilla: Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Benzoin Resin Oil, Organic Vetiver Essential Oil, Organic Vanilla Extract, Activated Charcoal Powder

Blue Tansy Rose: Organic Geranium Oil*, Organic Cedar Oil*, Organic Blue Tansy Oil*, Rose Flower Oil

Unscented: No added essential oils. Any aroma is exclusively a natural result of the base ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Natalie D.
A Clean Alternative That Actually Works

Couldn’t be happier with my purchase of the Little Seed Farm Deodorant Cream. Believe me when I say I’ve tried almost every natural deodorant under the sun, and they’ve all either 1) not worked, 2) given me a rash or allergic reaction, or 3) left a blue/purple residue, staining and ruining my clothes. I stumbled upon this shop - and this cream - while wandering around Madison and how thankful I am to have done so! Feeling (and smelling) great thanks to Green Life Trading Co! Will be back to refill my jar for sure!

The Only Natural Deodorant t I Can Use

I've been buying this product for a couple of years from the store in Madison. I've introduced friends to this product who all love it. I moved to Colorado recently and ran out and tried 3 other types of natural deodorant- all of which made my skin red and itchy. This is the only product I can use. The creamy consistency is like putting on a thick lotion. There is no baking soda, which can cause skin reactions. The smell is pleasant and not overwhelming in any way, and the product keeps any odor away all day. I love it.


I had low expectations for this Deodorant, the staff person said it was one of their most popular items & I can see why! It works and it smells lovely!

Danielle Nicole Connelly
Excellent Purchase

My hair dresser knows me well! She introduced me to your company and products. I am so happy I made the change! I LOVE everything about the deodorant; the smell, texture and ingredients. I love knowing what are in the products that I put on my body.

I have shared your company and products with me three grown adult daughters as well.

Karen Ebert
Love this deodorant

I have searched for years for a natural deodorant that actually worked. I have used the activated charcoal for almost two years and still love it. It has a minty smell, doesn’t ruin my clothes or give me a rash. I highly recommend it!