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Lint Brush

Lint Brush

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De-fuzz your clothes and upholstery without wasting those sticky paper strips.  
This rubber lint brush works by rubbing which creates a static charge that attracts hair, lint, and dust like a magnet.

How To

This rubber lint brush works by rubbing which creates a static charge that attracts hair, lint, and dust like a magnet. Once the particles are deposited on the rubber they can be easily removed by hand or rinsing with water.


Made from oiled beechwood and rubber this lint brush measures 13.5 x 7 cm.

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  • Where

    Green Box Compostable
    At Home Compostable

  • How

    Use a pliers to remove the rubber pads and staples from the wooden handle.

    Collect staples in a secure metal container like a blade safe or can. When full, secure container so no items can fall out and recycle.

    Toss brush handle and rubber pads in your Green Box or at home compost. For faster results, break wood into smaller pieces.

  • End of Life

    We want to ensure that you feel confident about what to do with our products if or when they reach obsolescence.

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  • Green Box Compost

    No compost? No Problem.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Doesn’t work lol

This brush works less well than my bare hand. It seems to smooth pills back into fabrics and though it picks up some animal hair, it mattes more of it further into fabric and furniture. Cleaning it is more annoying than anything. When it does pick up hair, it merely floats off into the air and lands elsewhere…no idea how this made it past beta phase

Melissa Kolstad
Perfect on everything!

We bought this brush to get rid of our Pommies' fur, which lands on EVERYTHING. What we didn't bargain for was how great it works on dusting fabric items, like lampshades and curtains! Highly recommend!

Madison C.
Works great!

Does a great job of getting dog hair and lint off of my clothes and the couch! Its a neat little tool. It’s very easy to clean as well. I highly recommend!

Rebecca Radue
Awesome brush!

I was skeptically curious that this could work as well as a sticky roll, but it works even BETTER! Easy to use and to clean. This is a great addition to our household!

Works really well!

With a primarily black wardrobe and a big white dog at home a lint brush is necessary. This one works really well! I love that I don’t use countless sheets of that sticky paper. And it’s super easy to clean!