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Classic Safety Razor

Classic Safety Razor

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Up your shaving game with this razor featuring a butterfly head for simple blade changing and 5 stainless steel double-edged blades. Great for all shaving needs, legs, face, pits--you name it.

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Appropriate for the shaving needs of all genders. The stainless steel blades are easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and is 100 percent recyclable. Dry blade between uses to prolong blade life.


White chrome plated butterfly razor comes with 5 double edge stainless steel replacement blades.

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    Lifetime Product

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    This razor is designed to last a lifetime and can be recycled.

    Collect small metals in a secure metal container like a blade safe or can. When full, secure container so no items can fall out and recycle.

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    We want to ensure that you feel confident about what to do with our products if or when they reach obsolescence.

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    No compost? No Problem.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Does the job

I lost my old safety razor a while back and was glad I could get a replacement locally. This one is solidly-made and works well. Safety razors are old-fashioned, but much cheaper over time and less-wasteful than cartridge razors. I also find that they produce fewer ingrown hairs while shaving (disclaimer: I only shave my face and can't speak for performance in other areas).

Excellent product

I have saved so much money by using this razor. Not only do I feel good knowing I'm not wasting plastic, the razor gives a really nice shave. Save money. Reduce plastic use. Great shave. This is a great product. You can't go wrong.

Kristi G
Works well and is easy to use.

Because there is no pivot head I need to go a little more slowly to avoid nicks. Very sturdy and well-made.

Cynthia L Rudd

Love the feel of it and knowing that I am not using plastic.

Tom Geldmacher
Safety razor

Love this razor, close shave and eco friendly. It is a bit of a change from a regular store bought razor, knicked myself a few times but would buy again!! Definitely recommend if youre trying to reduce your waste and plastic consumption!