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Make your home cozy with these hand-poured soy candles made right here in Wisconsin! These small-batch candles are made with 100% soy wax that is paraben-free and scented with premium oils that create a long-lasting fragrance. The approximate burn time is 30-35 hours.  Don't forget to trim your wick before relighting your candle! Pick between a 7-ounce travel tin or 15-ounce glass jar.  

Scent Profiles 

Moonstone + Rose Quartz: rock rose + myrrh + palo santo +  balsa wood. This candle has celestial vibes that give off a sacred scent of sweet healing notes of sacred palo santo blended with a warm base.

Greenhouse + Forest Floor has scented notes of: greenery + crisp air+ chrysanthemums + golden pair + lotus flower + lingonberry + mistletoe + raspberry + dwarf evergreen. This scent has the ability to transform any space to make you feel like you are immersed in an arboretum surrounded by all of the greenery. 

Blood Orange + Hawaiian Bloom: blood orange + lime + island greenery + bergamot + tropical fruits. The scent is fruit-filled with a hint of greenery that reminds us of a lush Hawaiian tropical rainforest.

Midwestern Harvest: Spiced coriander + ginseng + vetiver + amber + dark earth + cedar. This scent reminds us of a crisp fall night, crunchy leaves and all!

Winterberry + Evergreen: Sweet winterberry + himalayan fir + amber + mulled citrus. This scent is the perfect combination of a sweet berry + evergreen that put a modern twist on a classic wintertime fragrance.

Yuletide Memories: Colorado blue spruce + honeycrisp apples + frasier fir + winter pansies. This scent reminds us of wintertime, snowy days and holiday cheer while gathering around a warm fireplace -- a modern take on a classic memory.

Made By

Modern Makers Home + Bath, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Janice Knapp-Cordes

Smells lovely! And it's soy!

Brittany Magrady
Driftwood and Nag Champa

Loooooved this scent! It lasted a long time as well with multiple, daily burns.
Moonstone Quartz is lovely, too!

Blood Orange

Best smelling candle I’ve burned in a while. Makes an entire room smell divine. Love the glass jar with lid that it comes in to repurpose.

Sooty and Not Heavy Scent

The Winterberry candle itself put out a decent amount of soot and didn’t really make a noticeable scent after being lit for an hour or so.

Sarah Carr
Great candle

I've really enjoyed this candle. It adds a fresh scent to our home and lasts awhile. Does have a strong scent, would work best in roomy spaces