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My bike is my trusty steed. I am grateful that I was recently able to upgrade my clunky green cruiser for a sleeker and faster vintage black Panasonic road bike with the help of my friend Maggie (who has just opened up Boneset Records at 222 North Street, Suite B! Go check it out!) and the good people at Revolution Cycles. I’ve gotten my ride into Green Life down to a science and usually I clock in somewhere around seven minutes from my driveway to the front door of the store. Every time I bike into work at the shop, I am rewarded with a small pay bonus through Green Life’s Eco Bucks program. It’s a great incentive to walk, take the bus, carpool or use pedal power to get to work instead of driving solo. 

The good news for you, our lovely customers, is that we’ve just started passing on some Eco rewards to you, our patrons,  for biking to the shop as well. Let us know that you biked when you check out at the register and we will apply a 3% Eco Rewards discount to your order. Hooray! 

Bike wise, we’ve got another program that we’re proud of: our partnership with Madison Cycle Works. Each week, we pack up merchandise and bulk products from our warehouse space off of Pennsylvania Avenue in repurposed CSA boxes and hand them off to a representative from Madison Cycle Works, who carefully loads our goods onto their cargo bike and pedals the products over to the shop on Williamson Street. Once the products reach the shop, our Sales Associates (such as myself) unload the product and hand off empty containers and cargo boxes to the Madison Cycle Works carrier, who then bids us farewell and returns the empty vessels back to our warehouse space. It’s an amazing system and we’re grateful for this partnership that promotes a greener future. If you are interested in exploring options for Madison-based delivery, head over to the Madison Cycle Works page for more information. 

Interested in the scenic route? There’s still time to register for the annual Fairshare CSA Coalition Bike the Barns event. It could be the end of the Summer event for you and your eco-conscious friends. 

See you on the bike path,


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Hey Jenn!

This is a great question! Currently we have a subscription option on the website that takes 5% off each subscription renewal. You can find this on the product pages. Because subscriptions are an online only offer, we only offer the Eco Rewards in store to help even out the savings.

Green Life Trading Co.

Hi! Just wondering if 3% Eco Rewards discount can be applied if we order online, and bike/walk for pickup? I like the online ordering, because that ensures items are in stock when I arrive, but I always bike/walk to the store!


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Hanna Kohn

Hanna Kohn is the Operations Manager & Marketing Coordinator with Green Life Trading Co. where she has been educating and connecting individuals and small businesses with sustainable products and solutions since 2021. She holds a degree in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a Sustain Dane Master Recycler and Water Steward. When she's not at the shop, Hanna volunteers at WVMO 98.7 FM - Monona's Community Radio Station where she hosts Playhouse, a weekly broadcast of music including contemporary electronic, synth pop and jazz. Connect with Hanna via email: