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It’s no secret that Green Life Trading Company smells good. Like, really good. After wrangling with our notoriously heavy front door (sorry!), first time visitors are often quick to exclaim that they are having a very pleasant olfactory experience. You might be wondering to yourself as you read this, “just what is the source of that Green Life aroma?” 


I am here to break the news that the bright, fresh and clean Green Life fragrance cannot be attributed to any one source, but rather, is a heavenly and unique mix of all of the products that we offer at the shop. Sorry to break it to ya. But there is a silver lining if you find the perfumed air of Green Life appealing, or you are looking to freshen up the flavor of your home. Aside from suggesting that you add an amazing Soy Candle from Modern Makers Home + Bath to your space (I’m partial to Moonstone and Rose Quartz), I can give you some recipes for a successful dupe of our signature store fragrance. 

Let’s start with the parlor, shall we? A couch is a comfy spot. But it can also be a vacuum for undesired odors. Might I suggest a spritz? How does Blue Agave Aloe or White Tea & Pear sound? Our Fresh Reset Linen & Upholstery Spray from Viren Apothecary is a fabulous freshener to spray generously in the living room. Think Febreze but without all the junky chemicals. A mist of Fresh Reset Linen & Upholstery Spray can extend from the couch and onto any carpeting or rugs. Repeat as often as desired and enjoy. And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with bulk refills for Fresh Reset here at the shop. 

Moving on to the kitchen, a spot where trash and food waste smells love to linger. You may already be enjoying a candle in your kitchen space, but have you considered using an all-natural air freshener? A DIY air freshener is the scent gift that keeps on giving and can likely be made with items that you already have around your home. Simply place about a half of a cup of Baking Soda into a mason jar, add 20-30 drops of essential oil, cover with a fabric cloth and screw the rim of the mason jar seal back on. Now you have a vessel for good smells that can be replenished with fresh baking soda and essential oils as needed. We carry essential and carrier oils in bulk (and love to smell them while we are tidying up around the shop), if you don’t already have the oils that you need to complete this project. 

And finally, the commode. You might already own a selection of our Toilet Bowl Bombs from Viren Apothecary (they produce such amazing scents!) for a plastic free toilet cleaning experience. But have you considered Toilet Bowl bombs for their unlimited scent potential? Use the power of Mint Eucalyptus or Blood Orange to boost freshening power on an empty countertop space or behind the throne by simply leaving your Toilet Bowl Bombs stacked in an uncapped container. It’s a zero waste system for cleaning and captivating aromas. How cool is that? For a bonus aromatherapy experience in the bathroom, you can try out one of our new Eucalyptus & Peppermint Shower Steamers. Drop one or two Shower Steamer rounds under the shower stream and to breathe in the cleansing and clearing properties of eucalyptus and peppermint. 

Hopefully that helps sort out some steps for a Green Life inspired, better smelling abode for you all. What is your signature fragrance? The thing that people associate most strongly with your aura? Drop a comment below if you care to share. 

Lately I have been taking time to smell the flowers. I know it sounds cliché, but I love a fragrant kiss on the nose from a wildflower. If you have a birthday coming up (I’m looking at you Leos and Virgos), I highly suggest signing up for Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses loyalty program. Not only do you get to save points to earn discounts for in-store purchases, but they send out a birthday postcard that can usually be redeemed for something in the form of a small plant or fresh cut flower. 

With a kiss from a rose, 


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Hanna Kohn

Hanna Kohn is the Operations Manager & Marketing Coordinator with Green Life Trading Co. where she has been educating and connecting individuals and small businesses with sustainable products and solutions since 2021. She holds a degree in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a Sustain Dane Master Recycler and Water Steward. When she's not at the shop, Hanna volunteers at WVMO 98.7 FM - Monona's Community Radio Station where she hosts Playhouse, a weekly broadcast of music including contemporary electronic, synth pop and jazz. Connect with Hanna via email: