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Dryer Balls are an easy and lovely addition to any sustainable laundry care system but they can be a bit confusing for first time users. On this week’s installment of The Loop, we’re breaking down frequently asked questions about Dryer Balls and how to use them. 

What do they do?

At the beginning of the load dryer balls absorb water, which allows fabrics to dry faster. Once the fabrics have dried, the dryer balls release that moisture back into the air to steam fabrics and eliminate wrinkles. Dryer balls also bounce around and separate wet layers of fabric in dryer tumblers that otherwise lump together. This separation allows warm air to permeate thoroughly through the fabric while the dryer balls continuously absorb moisture, fluff and soften to snuggly perfection. Think dryer sheets and fabric softener all rolled into one lovable ball that cuts down on drying times by up to 25%! 

Do I need more than one?

Yes. Although one dryer ball will help, the full effects won’t kick in without at least three dryer balls in action. The more dryer balls, the better results. We recommend using up to six dryer balls in a single dryer load. 

Is there a difference between the cream and gray dryer balls?

The balls will take on the color of your clothing over time. If you wear a lot of darks, your cream dryer balls will start to turn a darker shade and vice versa. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter too much which color dryer balls you choose. 

Why are they sustainable?

You can use your dryer balls over and over again, as opposed to single use dryer sheets, and they will last somewhere in the ballpark of 1,000 dryer cycles. Our dryer balls are made out of all-natural felted sheep’s wool and are totally compostable when they start to unravel and reach their end of life. 

Why are my dryer balls causing more static? 

If you continue drying with dryer balls after your clothes are fully dry, they will create static. Since your balls are shortening the time it takes to dry, you need to adjust/monitor your settings to not dry as long.

Do I need to buy dryer ball spray too?

Dryer Ball Spray is an excellent, but totally optional accessory to your dryer balls. If you would like for your clothes to come out of the dryer extra soft with an added fragrance boost, dryer ball spray might just be for you. Dryer balls may also be scented with a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

Is it worth spending $24 or more for these?

We see dryer balls as a cost effective and sustainable choice because they mean less time running your dryer and in turn less money on your electric bill (on average $100 saved annually!) and less overall carbon emissions. It’s a win, win in our book. 

If you have any questions or testimonials about dryer balls, please consider leaving a comment below or reaching out to me at hanna@greenlifetradingco.com.

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