Meet the Swedish Dishcloth

Swedish dishcloths are packed with cleaning potential but did you know that they are totally compostable?

As the name suggests, many use them for washing dishes but their versatile design allows for a multitude of uses for around the home and beyond. Also known as “sponge cloths”, they are great for wiping down countertops, cleaning home appliances and even scrubbing the tub. In my home, I use mine most often for cleaning the hard to reach crevices around the kitchen sink faucet. Swedish dishcloths are fabulous because they can absorb up to twenty times their weight and once moistened, they become soft, malleable, rag-like and totally easy to use. They may be cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine (but skip the dryer and let them air dry) and can be laundered up to 200 times! Unlike conventional plastic sponges that are bound for the landfill, Swedish dishcloths are made from a simple mix of plant cellulose and cotton and may be composted in backyard composters or in your Green Box compost box.

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Hanna Kohn

Hanna Kohn is the Operations & Communications Manager with Green Life Trading Co. where she educates individuals and small businesses on accessible and sustainable products and solutions. She holds a BA in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a Sustain Dane Master Recycler. Hanna is always up for a chat about composting or the latest animal & nature emojis.