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New and familiar vegan gummy vitamins

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Our selection of Herbaland vitamins are back and better than ever! It’s no surprise that we love everything about gummy vitamins: they taste good, you actually want to eat them and they are full of nutrients that are sometimes hard to get through a diet alone. But many offerings of gummy vitamins out in the world come housed in a plastic bottle (bummer). The good news is our Herbaland vitamins come in a fully compostable pouch made from sustainably sourced ingredients including wood pulp, cornstarch, cassava, sugarcane & beets. This packaging is A-OK to toss in your backyard compost bin or bring back to Green Life Trading Co. for our in-house composting service for select products and packaging via Green Box Compost. New to our lineup of vegan, sugar-free (but still deliciously sweet!), gluten-free & non-GMO from Herbaland: Iron Plus & Kids Multivitamins. Other vitamin selections on our roster include Sweet Dreams (fka “Sleep Plus”), D3 & B12, Adult Multivitamins and Omega-3. See one that suits you? Head to our “Shop” tab to browse vitamins and more wellness items including herbal tea blends from a maker in the Wisconsin Driftless Area and high quality organic essential oils

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Hanna Kohn

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