Build Your Own Subscription Box

Do you already know what products you love and how often you need them? Then our Build Your Own box is the option for you!

Simply, go to the page of your favorite product and select "Subscribe and Delivery every XX Month". Select how often you want the subscription to occur and save each time you refill! 


You may notice that we do not bundle the shipping cost into the box. That was done intentionally. This means you can select Local Delivery or Curbside Pickup if you're local! Of course, if you do select shipping, you can expect it to be zero waste as usual!


Prior to the arrival of each box, you will receive a payment link, that is, we will not automatically charge you. If you're ready for your next box, follow the link and pay, to skip your box, simply ignore the email.

Pro tip: to make checkout faster, create an account and save your payment information!