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Reusable V60 Coffee Filter

Reusable V60 Coffee Filter

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These V60 coffee filters are made of 100% organic cotton. Unlike paper filters, cotton leaves no flavor behind on the coffee. The cotton absorbs some of the oils from the coffee, but will let the acid come through for a crisp and robust flavor. Filters should be replaced about once a year if used every day, includes 2 filters.

How To

Designed for a V60 Coffee Maker.


100 percent GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton bag is food grade, washable, and reusable. Its fine weave allows milk to strain through easily.

Machine or hand wash cold and hung to dry.

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Customer Reviews

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Great coffee!

Originally I bought these filters so I could stop constantly buying paper filters. When I started using the filter I was surprised by how much better it was than the paper ones. My coffee blooms much easier, it drains much faster (half the time) and my coffee tastes waaaaaaay better (borderline coffee shop coffee). I'm kind of in love with this product and definitely not going back to paper filters.


Easy switch, and they capture those really fine particles that gunk up coffee. Will buy again when their lifespan is up!

Glad we made the switch

We’ve been happy with this filter. It brews a clean cup of coffee, and it’s so nice to cut another daily disposable out of our lives. It takes an extra minute to clean (dump the grounds in the compost or trash and rinse), but it’s not a big deal.