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Fresh Reset Linen & Upholstery Spray

Fresh Reset Linen & Upholstery Spray

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Fresh Reset Linen and Upholstery Spray delightfully freshen your clothes, bedding, and upholstery. Containing a soybean-derived agent that works hard to eliminate odor causing bacteria, this spray will leave your soft surfaces with a subtle, uplifting fragrance. Pick between Blue Agave Aloe or White Tea Pear.

Scent Profiles

Blue Agave Aloe: the earthy yet fresh fragrance of aloe vera pairs perfectly with sweet, slightly fruity blue agave. expect a hint of kiwi & a splash of vanilla in the base, making this blend so good it feels like a mirage.

White Tea Pear: a light-hearted classic with a sophisticated twist. crisp top notes of white tea & a hint of sparkling bergamot add freshness & balance to the sweet, juicy Bartlett pear you know & love.

How To

Finish your cleaning routine with a spritz of spray to leave a fresh scent.

Price Per Ounce


Packaging Options

Choose between a glass bottle or a returnable refill pouch.


Soya morpholinium ethosulfate* (soybeans), ethyl alcohol (corn), capryl glucoside (beets), leucidal (radishes) & fragrance**

*WAIT, did you say sulfate? soya morpholinium ehtosulfate is a water-soluble salt, given the lowest hazard rating by the EWG. it is not in the same group as sodium lauryl/eth sulfates & other similar ingredients

**our fragrance blends are carefully sourced, exceptionally blended, and guaranteed to be free of the following junk: phthalates, parabens, gluten, palm oil/derivatives, animal products & formaldehyde. everything in this bottle has been cruelty-free certified.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brynna Lunde
Great spray!

I love this spray. Leaving my furniture smelling great. It even helped take the musty smell out when I was air drying my clothes for too long and they started to get that must smell. A fan and this spray fixed it!

Jennifer Gorecki
Love this spray!

This product is awesome! Great fragrance and it really works well!

Excellent Product

The spray serves as a cleaning agent without a chemical scent. So far, I am very pleased with this product. I will buy again.

Erica B.
Refreshes couch and house

Love this scent and so does my family! I use it on my couch occasionally and it really helps refresh it after my kids have hung out there. Definitely recommend for upholstery and as a room spray.

Malia Yang
Smells nice but I'm still getting streaks

I purchased this in-stores. I still have streak marks left on the mirror from when I use this product so I'm not sure if I'm entirely sold -- could be the rag that I'm using. Smells great though!