Songs of Spring

Listen to the Songs of Spring playlist from Green Life Trading Co. on Spotify to usher in a sense of wonder for the water, earth, air and flowers of springtime. Looking for more tunes? Head to Green Life Trading Co. Radio to listen to hours of music curated for our shop and your enjoyment. 

  1. Shiho Yabuki - Energy Flow
  2. Men I Trust - Serenade of Water
  3. Saint Etienne - Spring
  4. strongboi - magic
  5. Slow Pulp - Slugs
  6. Kate Bush - The Morning Fog
  7. Rozie Romati - Drown in the Clouds of Dew
  8. Interlay - Cicada 
  9. Lush - Sweetness and Light
  10. Tanukichan - Like the Sun
  11. Cocteau Twins - Fluffy Tufts
  12. Laura Groves - Sunset
  13. Galcher Lustwerk - Blue Lotus
  14. Nav Katze - Frozen Flower
  15. Molly Lewis - Oceanic Feeling
  16. Love Spirals Downwards - City Moon
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Hanna Kohn

Hanna Kohn is the Operations & Communications Manager with Green Life Trading Co. where she educates individuals and small businesses on accessible and sustainable products and solutions. She holds a BA in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a Sustain Dane Master Recycler. Hanna is always up for a chat about composting or the latest animal & nature emojis.