Compostable Floss
Compostable Floss
Compostable Floss
Compostable Floss
Compostable Floss

Compostable Floss

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This 100 percent compostable silk floss and refillable container will keep your mouth feeling fresh! The pack contains a refillable glass container in either gray, blue or pink and two 33 yards spools of floss. The refill pack contains two spools. The 100 percent silk waxed floss has a refreshing natural mint flavoring.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Sze
Compostable Floss

Love the design and the fact you can buy refills. The issue with this floss is it constantly broke, even when we were careful, and we ended up getting floss out a few times to get through our whole mouth. I'm still debating whether or not I would buy again-it doesn't have chemicals and is compostable so maybe it is still worth it?

Kai DeLorenzo
It's not a killer product but it's good

Sometimes the floss falls inside. The glass jar has a weird sticker. I'm often worried it will fall over and break or I'll knock it over and it will roll off the counter and break. Those might be unfounded fears though.

Raquel Tatar

Compostable Floss

Elva Ka BAB Ie

It breaks too easy.

So much less wasteful!

In February 2020 I got removable invisible braces which I will need to wear for a minimum of 14 months. After every single meal I have to brush -- and ideally floss! -- my teeth, so I have never in my life flossed this much. A couple of months into the pandemic a friend of a friend mentioned Green Life Trading, and when I looked into their products, I was excited to find this floss. I love the little glass jar which should last forever and the ability to refill as needed. I absolutely hated those little plastic floss boxes that traditional floss came in, therefore I'll be using this floss forever more, as I've not had any issues with floss quality and this arrangement is so much less wasteful.